what did past clients have to say

about my services?


It was also a pleasure to meet you; “M’ highly recommended you and he was right. Everything went smoothly and I know that you helped to keep it that way.

 – J. Velazquez


We were attempting the showing, sale and closure of our home from out of state, and Adam ensured that all the boxes got checked and the deal was closed without a hassle.  He helped us navigate every issue that was raised during the process.

– The Oxender Family



Adam – It has been great working with you.  Thank you so much for working with us in finding our new home.  We wish the best to you and your family.  – The Jens


Adam Eichner’s honesty and enthusiasm took the stress out of selling our home.  Most importantly he got the job done efficiently.  Yay for Eichner Realty!

Dave and Kathryn – 715 Sunset



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