The Three “P” Process

getting your home sold is a process.  The process is laborious at times, and involves shaping many details into just the right alignment to make your house irresistible.  The process can be broken down into three discrete task-areas which will help you as a seller focus on the tasks at hand:

THE FIRST “P” –   Preparation:

Preparing to sell your home has two sub-components:

  1. Deciding if selling is appropriate:

Sometimes it is completely obvious that you must sell.  You are moving out of the area for a new job, or your life situation has changed to such a degree that your existing home is no longer a “workable fit”.

However, sometimes the situation isn’t so clear cut.  Your family has changed in size, so the home no longer “fits”.  Or a new neighborhood catches your eye.

In those situations, you need to look at the plusses and minuses of the two transactions in front of you, the work involved, and the financial impact those two transactions (selling and buying ) will have.

I can help make a rational evaluation as at whether moving making sense for you.


  1. Getting Your Home Ready to Show

The cliché “you only get one chance to make a first impression” sounds cheesy as you say it, but is both true, and incredibly important nonetheless.

When we have lived in a home for some time, we begin to look past the house itself, due to its familiarity.  Smudges, cracks, creaky doors, clutter and flow become invisible to us in our own homes.

However, when a potential buyer comes to your house, they are viewing it through fresh (and nervously critical) eyes.   Buying a home is an incredibly emotional process for most buyers.  There is a lot of psychological baggage coming into play.  People project a lot of excitement and hope into their future home.  “My next home I’ll be so much more organized!  And thinner, and smarter!”.  So you as a seller need to make sure you are helping them see their fantasy future in your home.

My advice to potential sellers is that you have to make your home, as much as possible, look like a photo shoot for a swanky furniture catalog, and we can all, to some degree, regardless of how “hip” our furniture is, accomplish this task.

What I do with a seller is walk through the home, and make a “to-do” list for them – painting, repairing, cleaning, and de-cluttering the home.  If this is done right, the home will look great.

One freebie I’ll throw out there will give you a great example:

Make sure all entry door(s) are clean, painted and that all the locks and handles are tight and smoothly functioning.

Why?  The door is the first moment of “real” interaction with your home.  If the door squeaks, or the lock sticks, or the hinge lets the door fly off, the first, subtle message your buyer has gotten is “this home is broken”.


Avoid that.


You can improve your home’s appeal tremendously on a reasonable budget, if you are willing to put in the time.  And that work will pay off in both speed and price of your home sale.



THE SECOND “P” – Presentation


You’ve done the soul searching, and decided to sell the home.  You’ve put the hours of elbow grease and money into the project, and the home looks MARVELOUS.

Now what?

A plan is needed to make sure the home is seen by as many possible buyers as possible.

How do I,  as a Seller’s Agent, make sure as many agents and Buyers see your beautifully revitalized home? This PDF is the roadmap I follow on every Seller’s listing – Have a look!



THE THIRD “P”– Perserverance


You did your work.  I’ve been doing my work.  Tons of buyers and agents have come through, but no offers have been made.


What does this mean?

I will be gathering feedback from agents and buyers as to what their “issues” are with your house. Pay attention.  If everyone is saying you are priced too high – guess what?  Maybe they aren’t out to get you, and you need to make a decision.  Is the price people believe you should be at too low for you to justify selling?  Maybe.  If so – pull the home off the market.  If not, get it priced where it needs to be, and it will sell.  Push On!

Is everyone saying the ratty purple shag carpet and the putrid wallpaper was a total deal breaker?  Maybe its time to make the change.  If all that stands between you and a sale is a weekend of stay at home projects or $3,000.00 of contractor work – GET IT DONE!.

The bottom line is that every home will sell, if the price is right for the potential buyers.  The question becomes, for you as a seller if the price that it will take to get it sold is a price you can accept.  If yes – re-price.  If not, you need to hold on to the home.

While this represents the framework of the process, there are myriad details and nuances involved.   Call (734) 709-5136 or email me  and  I will be happy to help with any questions you might have!